5C Lifestyle Program


About 5C Lifestyle Program

What is the 5 C Lifestyle Solution to control diabetes?

Over time, I have worked with thousands of people, helping them manage their diabetes after reading several research articles, conducting several research studies, and publishing papers in nutrition, lifestyle, and diabetes. I have fine-tuned a road map that is truly useful in understanding the basics of self-management of your lifestyle. It consists of the following five components, I call it 5C

First C : Condition your mind.

Conditioning is preparing your mind for any change in life. In this program, you will learn to become aware and modify your thoughts, attitudes, thinking patterns, and beliefs related to eating, moving, and sleeping behavior to create a physical change. There is enough scientific evidence on the need for behavior change to sustain positive life changes, and we will go through this journey using simple tools. Once you start to connect your lifestyle choices to your body and mind, you will make harmony and begin to reap the rewards where your choices will no longer be something you should do, but it will be something you want to do, and then you do it without effort as they become your habit and way of life. And that is what I call a powerful medicine for life.

Fourth C : Count on Active Movement, Sound Sleep, & Relaxation

A prescribed lifestyle change typically involves adjustments to diet and physical activity, but
it also extends to factors like sleep and stress management, impacting blood glucose.
Exercise, redefined as active movement, should be enjoyable and tailored to individual preferences. This component guides you in assessing fitness levels, setting goals, and making exercise a consistent part of your routine for optimal blood glucose. The 4C addresses sleep disturbances with practical techniques. Stress management is essential for effective blood glucose control, incorporating cognitive-behavioral therapy,
Positive Psychology tips, and support networks to enhance resilience and coping abilities.
Additional stress management strategies and adjunct therapies are explored for overall health improvement.

Second C : Choose, Cook and Eat Real food.

Are we not eating the real food? Well, we need to ask ourselves what real food is. Real food is close to its natural form and not highly processed with chemicals and preservatives. When waiting at the supermarket counter to check out, you probably look at your cart and ask how many food items are close to their natural form. How many would you buy in your childhood and how many would your parents buy as children? Here, I will explore how to recognize real food and encourage you to create healthy family habits through simple meal preparation.

Third 3: Create your own plan.

Now that you are equipped with all the building blocks for a healthy you, I will teach you to plan at your own pace. I will help you choose SMART goals and build a 21 day or three-month program. Because your body is unique, you are likely to respond to these changes in your own way. You could be a slow, medium, or fast responder based on several factors like age, gender, duration of diabetes, medications, and adherence to the set goals. This does not mean you are better or worse than the other but only emphasizes that we are all unique and need an individualized intervention plan.

Fifth C: Capitalise on Technology

Setting goals and tracking your progress is the most vital aspect of your journey to keep you motivated and on track. I will introduce easy-to-use tools to track your progress, possible roadblocks, and practical solutions. The optimum targets and monitoring of weight, blood glucose, blood glucose variability, blood pressure, healthy diet, physical movement, and sleep will be taught.